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Change is Good – Or at Least it Can Be

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In the spirit of making this blog not just a venue for my blatherings, but a true community (and also because this is a far quicker sort of post to write, today I am reviving my old question of the day format, throwing out stuff to the five or six of you out there who read this (yes, I know there are more of you, and I do appreciate you).

Today’s question: What do you do to prepare yourself for necessary and/or inevitable change, when you know about it beforehand?

Change (Photo credit: mbgrigby)

Today I complete a rapid shift in roles in my life, from supervisor, to at home mom and blogger, then to ‘new employee undergoing orientation’ (or ‘learner’) and now to therapist.  In order to prepare for my new but not unfamiliar role, I did a little review reading, got plenty of sleep last night, and have been rehearsing both my first few sessions in my head and the ‘side work’, the documentation and scheduling and other time management tasks.

As a result of my mental preparation I feel (more or less) prepared and more excited (or at least eager) than scared.  I still have a few butterflies, which is natural. Building a therapy clientele is emotionally like forming several dozen close friendships in a very short time. The client therapist relationship is an intense one, and the therapist (despite holding boundaries firm and all the other nifty things we learn in grad school) is not immune.

But enough about me. What changes have been/will be inevitable in your life, and what have you found effective to prepare for them?


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