A Taste of Story: “A Matter of Some Urgency” Excerpt

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Here’s a teaser (yes, I am really proud of this little bit of story.  Why do you ask?):

The Cat Confederation held its meeting in Darkway Alley one moonlit summer night. Ming, the Abyssinian with the rhinestone collar and almond-shaped eyes, called the meeting to order. Fellow felines, it is long past time we took stock of the problem of homelessness among our brothers and sisters. Many a stray feline sleeps on a pile of rags or within a bush or a tree, prowling all night for insects, spoiled food, and rodents to make its meal.
Randolph, the portly Siamese tom with glossy fur, twitched his tail in annoyance. “What? We’re going to waste our Saturday night discussing worthless alley cats? I thought we’d discuss something interesting, like rolling in catnip or hunting moles. I have birds to chase and dogs to annoy. Count me out!” With that he stalked off, tail high in the air, his overfed paunch sagging in regal dignity to the ground.

Ming watched him go in silence, her green eyes blazing, claws twitching in and out of their sheathes. “Anyone else?” she hissed. No one moved.

Abyssinian and Indian Cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The whole story is available here for 2.99 USD.  Can’t beat that with a stick.


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