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How Can Dolls Empower Young Girls?

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About a month ago, I was approached by Kate Carson from A Girl for All Time about a guest post letting my readers know about their very beautiful and well made dolls. As you all know I’m a feminist to my toes. Which so doesn’t mean I don’t like dolls.

I especially like dolls that have adventure stories attached. Like similar dolls from the States, A Girl for All Time dolls tell of historic events from personal points of view. A beautiful keepsake doll for your little girl (or boy).

I asked Ms. Carson for a post that talked about how dolls can empower girls to believe that they can be or do anything in life. I think she did a heck of a job. What do you think?

How do Dolls Empower Young Girls?

All toys have the ability to empower our children and inspire them to achieve bigger and better things in all areas of their lives. That said, many examples stand out above others, and dolls for girls would definitely fall into that category.

We explored the role of dolls in empowering young generations of girls, and how this positive influence will play a part in their development in their early years.

The Learning Cycle

While a doll is, in its most basic form, a plaything, looking deeper reveals that they are actually the door to a whole new world of learning, especially in the case of dolls that are based on historical events or come from a certain culture.

The empowerment here is in the inspiration girls can receive, which ultimately leads them to take a keen interest in the background of dolls and start doing their own research into historical times or cultures, all of which can help to build confidence when specific subjects are tackled during schooling.

Dreams and Adventures

Playtime for young children is an opportunity to escape into a fantasy world and take part in a number of dreams and adventures. While many view this as simply ‘kids being kids,’ these times actually hold a hugely important role in shaping a child’s future.

Those who are able, and are encouraged by their parents and peers, to dream up scenarios and be more adventurous with stories and how they play with their dolls, will find themselves much more comfortable when they embark on such journeys in years to come.

The great thing about playing for children is that there are no boundaries, their creativity and imagination can run wild, and the possibilities are endless.

Looking to the Future

We’ve touched on how dolls can help to inspire and develop children with the future in mind already, yet there are many other ways in which a child’s toy can shape their later years. Even things such as career and lifestyle choices can be influenced by playing with dolls.

This is not because a certain doll will enable a child to demonstrate a specific range of characteristics, but rather the result of everything that came before it, from the exploration of the real story behind the dolls to the fantasyland girls create for their favorite characters.

It is very easy for today’s children to simply follow society’s expectations and become products of that. However, exploring themselves through playing with dolls will help to enrich a child’s mind, encourage them to challenge those expectations, and make intelligent, mature, and independent choices throughout their childhood as well as later in life.
A Girl for All Time provides a number of age appropriate gifts for girls from the age of 6 upwards, including award winning dolls and keepsakes.

(Maureen again) Please head over to A Girl for All Time and check out their beautiful dolls and accessories. Tell your friends and families. What a wonderful gift for a special child.


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