Shaun King’s Injustice Boycott: How Can I Help?

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What is the Injustice Boycott?

Shaun King released the details of the Injustice Boycott yesterday, as part of ongoing actions to resist injustices in the Trump administration, and the three situations that he thinks are important and have significant opportunities for change are things I also strongly believe in. I only have the opportunity to share one of the actions, however, because I have long since moved all of my money out of large banks and into a local bank that I am quite pleased with. That leaves me with the task of sharing information about the boycotts on social media.

What are the Specific Actions?

The locations for each action are New York, San Francisco, and Standing Rock. The theme of all three is inappropriate criminal justice and/or police action. The actions include raising awareness on social media and divesting of all banking transactions with a short list of very large banks after a brief time for the governments of the affected areas to respond.
It is interesting to me that King targeted the banks rather than proposing marches and rallies and boycotts against tourism in the various places. This suggests that he understands who is holding the purse strings of the politicians in question and that he is confident there are enough people involved in this action that the banks will take notice and pull those strings. I’m not sure I share his confidence, but I’m further from the field, so I’ll take his word for it.

The action in New York is against a law that mandates charging all children 16 and older as adults, and for the 2017 Criminal Justice Reform Act, which enacts a number of changes to the rules of engagement for police officers as well as accountability measures, and is for closing Riker’s Island, one of the most notoriously brutal prisons in the country. The Injustice Boycott website has more details. My thoughts on this action? The reform act has a lot of good in it. I don’t know what the climate in New York is for getting measures like this passed, but I had an immediate, knee-jerk reaction of “this is so good it’ll never get passed”. So if the Injustice Boycott makes it happen? Totally worth it. And Riker’s Island? It’s the definition of injustice. Love this goal.

The action in San Francisco has a slightly different focus. There are three separate, specific changes to police oversight and procedure listed. They are designed to reduce racial profiling and racial bias, hold police officers more accountable, and change police rules of engagement. I suspect that San Francisco was targeted for two reasons: It has a recent, vile spate of racialized police violence, and it is contained within a progressive region of a progressive state with a leadership that is likely to be more responsive to these concerns. The Injustice Boycott has picked an important target with a do-able goal.

Finally, the Injustice Boycott is targeting issues at Standing Rock in North Dakota. The Lakota at Standing Rock along with thousands of Native and non-Native supporters have been fighting a holding action against a pipeline through land ceded to them through treaty for most of a year now. This land drains into the Missouri river, causing it to potentially affecting millions of people, including me. Local and regional police have used military tactics against the water defenders. The demand is twofold: Full and final stoppage of work on the pipeline, and all occupying forces (police forces) must leave. I have a personal stake in this one, living less than two miles from the Missouri River (albeit many hundreds of miles downstream). The Injustice Boycott is spot on. The pipeline isn’t needed, there are better options, and it endangers the aquifer for much of the central portion of the US.

What Can I Do To Help?

Join the Injustice Boycott and follow Shaun King (and me!) to find out other ways to help. It’s okay if you aren’t perfect. I didn’t get this done in time. I’m not a perfect activist or ally. But I believe wholeheartedly in the goals of the Injustice Boycott, and hope you’ll join me, whenever you can, however you can, in fighting injustice.

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